Island in Monochrome kitchen by oak and teak

This Modern Monochrome Kitchen By Oak And Teak Features A Compact Lounge

  • Designer: Oak And Teak
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Mujib Ojeifo
  • Location: Nigeria

Oak And Teak presents a departure from conventional kitchen layouts with their modern monochrome kitchen design, blending comfort and functionality. The straightforward and minimal arrangement features base, upper, and tall cabinets in a refined black-and-white combination.

To optimize space and create a central hub, an island takes precedence, complemented by a two-plus-one sofa configuration. This unconventional addition encourages conversations and comfortable engagement during kitchen activities, transforming the space into a versatile and inviting area.

The monochrome theme is finely executed, with black taking center stage on the countertops and island. It is seamlessly integrated with the white cabinetry. The walls are finished with white and wavy 3 dimensional tiles which elevated the visual interest of the space. To add to this the island is designed with slatted white boards, adding a tactile element to the overall design.

While black and white form the foundation of the color scheme, subtle hints of beige, yellow, and red are infused through the extra seating and décor, breaking the monotony and adding a touch of vibrancy.

Closeup of sofa with throw pillows in Modern Monochrome kitchen by oak and teak
Yellow throw pillows on the sofa.
Cabinetry in Modern Monochrome kitchen by oak and teak
Island in Monochrome kitchen by oak and teak
Minimal breakfast seats.
Close up of sink and mixer in Monochrome kitchen by oak and teak
Close-up of sink and mixer in the modern monochrome kitchen.

Built-in appliances, including a double-door fridge, microwave, and oven, contribute to the seamless aesthetic and functional efficiency of the kitchen. This integration ensures a cohesive and uncluttered appearance, aligning with the overall design philosophy.

One special addition to the cabinetry system in this monochrome kitchen design is a see-through inner lit compartment to store and showcase décor and fine kitchenware.

The kitchen is bathed in a cool ambiance, courtesy of recessed ceiling lights and a linear drop-down light positioned strategically over the island and seating arrangement. This thoughtful lighting design not only illuminate the space effectively but also accentuates the sleek and modern elements of the kitchen.

View of Monochrome kitchen by oak and teak

Oak And Teak’s modern monochrome kitchen design transcends conventional boundaries, successfully blending comfort, functionality, and a contemporary color palette. The result is a space that is not only utilitarian but also visually compelling and inviting.

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