These Classy Modern Living Rooms In A Lagos Residence Use Black As An Accent Colour

Discover how Lagos-based Interior designers, Studio Emodi, explored the elegance birthed by the use of black as an accent colour in these modern living rooms for a residential project – Project Nicon. Infused through wood, glass, and metal, these dark hues introduced an element of luxury and timelessness to the spaces.

An accent color is a specific color used in a design or color scheme to add visual interest, contrast, or emphasis to a predominantly neutral or monochromatic palette. These colors are typically used in smaller quantities compared to the dominant or base colors and are chosen to complement the main color scheme, creating a harmonious and balanced visual impact.

Modern Living room by Studio Emodi

Upon keen observation, the simple and functional layouts of these living rooms are outstanding especially in the formal living room that has two different seating clusters. The main seating area is arranged to host long stay visits of a larger capacity and a more intimate purpose.

The cohesively furnished area consists of two single sofa seats and sectional sofas with a glass top coffee table and a rectangular area rug. This layout is arranged to face a dark wood joinery serving as the entertainment wall with open and closed shelving. On the other side of the modern living room, Studio Emodi placed a long cupboard paired with black open shelves and a monochrome wall art.

Formal living room in Modern Living room by Studio Emodi
Main seating area in formal living room.
Casual seating area in Modern Living room by Studio Emodi
Casual seating area in formal living room.

Studio Emodi employed a black sofa table to subtly subdivide the space into the different seating areas. On the other side of it is the second cluster which, unlike the main seating area is designed to host casual and quick chats. The white curved chaise sofa, black round centre table, grey area rug and black twin curved-back seats encourage simpler and informal gatherings.

Modern Living room by Studio Emodi

The other modern living room is an open-concept space with a seating area and a dining area. It has a similar but brighter palette compared to the formal seating room. It also has a more casual seating layout that includes a beige lounger seat and a glass top black sofa table.

Other living room in Modern Living room by Studio Emodi
Seating area with lounger sofa
8-seater wooden top dining table set

One noticeable thing about Project Nicon in general is the consistent use of metal-supported shelving units that serve as both functional storage solutions and artistic statements. The use of black metal frames imparts an industrial edge, contributing to the modern aesthetic. These shelves become a canvas for displaying curated decor items, books, and personal artifacts, allowing the homeowners to showcase their individual style within the carefully crafted monochromatic environment.

Double-volume entry foyer
Metal shelving in double-volume entry foyer.
Steel and wood tall shelf in Modern Living room by Studio Emodi
Metal and wooden shelf
Black staircase from entry foyer.
Use of metal supported shelving in double-volume foyer.

Through Studio Emodi’s skillful infusion of black hues with wood, glass, and metal elements, the design achieves a harmonious balance of style, luxury, and timelessness. The strategic use of accent colors, coupled with thoughtful layouts and versatile furnishings, highlights the transformative power of design in creating both functional and aesthetically pleasing modern living rooms.

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