View of Living Room Design by Uloh Lifestyl showing media wall

Modern Elegance Meets Comfort: A Serene Living Room Design by Uloh Lifestyl

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  • Designer: Uloh Lifestyl
  • Project Name: Cowry Creek Residences
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

In this living room design, there’s a harmonious blend of sophistication and comfort. With its carefully chosen serene colour palette and thoughtfully arranged furnishings, this space is designed for relaxation and entertainment.

Uloh Lifestyl, an Interior Design Studio in Lagos, designed this space with a serene color palette. A canvas of white and dark grey forms the backdrop, while accents of black and teal blue inject depth and character. Together, they compose a refined and tranquil atmosphere that revolves around serene tones.

View of Living Room Design by Uloh Lifestyl showing media wall

The open living room design is generously bathed in natural light. Three well-placed windows, adorned with blinds, provide an abundance of illumination. The seating arrangement is an inviting U shape, neatly defined by a teal-accented area rug.

Around the area rug, there are two welcoming two-seater arm sofas styled with plush throw pillows and two teal blue single sofa chairs that introduce a burst of vibrancy. At the center of this arrangement, Uloh Lifestyl placed a two-level centre table to bring the layout together.

View of Living Room Design by Uloh Lifestyl showing media wall
Living room by uloh lifestyl

Central to the space is a sleek TV media wall. It features a glossy white backboard that hosts the TV and is complemented by a floating console.

TV wall in living room design by Uloh Lifestyl
TV media wall in the Cowrie Creek residence.

Aside from the serene colour palette, another interesting element of this living room design is the black sideboard paired with a bold yet simple art piece. Located by the entrance, the pair adds depth and character to the open space.

View of Side board in Living room by Uloh Lifestyl
Statement black sideboard paired with the monochromatic artwork at the Cowrie Creek Residence.

Practical yet elegant lighting fixtures illuminate the living room. Evenly-spaced recessed lights offer balanced illumination, while a simple chandelier above the center of the seating area adds a layer of sophistication. A well-placed floor lamp beside one of the two-seater sofas also enhances the room’s ambiance.

Decor elements, tastefully selected, including small picture frames, diffusers, a moss vase, and an indoor plant by the window, all contribute to the room’s overall allure.

Dining area in Living room by Uloh lifestyl
View of Dining Room
The dining area in the Cowrie Creek residence with grey muted tones and teal accents.
View of bar area below staircase in Living Room Design by Uloh Lifestyl
A view of the bar in the Cowrie Creek residence by Uloh Lifestyl.
View of Living Room Design by Uloh Lifestyl showing media wall
A view of the living room that shows a part of the dining area and the bar.
View of Living Room Design by Uloh Lifestyl showing media wall
View of living room by Uloh lifestyl

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