Artsy Rustic: Inside An Industrial Style Luxury Fashion Store In Lagos By S.EA Consulting

  • Designer: S.EA Consulting
  • Client: Trax Apparel
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Renowned for their distinctive industrial designs, Lagos-based interior design studio, S.EA Consulting unveils another masterpiece — a luxury fashion store tailored for Lagos-based luxury fashion brand, Trax Apparel

The major spaces provided in this luxury fashion store include a fashion display spaces, changing rooms, and bathrooms. Also within the store is a private fashion lounge – Energy by Trax. It is a dedicated and exclusive space within a retail or fashion environment designed to provide a more personalized and intimate shopping experience for select customers.

Display area in Luxury Fashion Store By S.EA Consulting

This luxury fashion store has a captivating character and exudes an enigmatic allure. S.EA Consulting carefully crafted through an intentional mix of lighting, a bold color palette, and an overall industrial architectural style. Dark, rough grey walls seamlessly complement the matte floor tiles, casting an air of mystery throughout the space.

To infuse a touch of the outdoors, strategic placements of greenery and faux bugs create an intriguing forest vibe. Exposed ceiling services, metal pipes, and chains contribute to the rugged aesthetic, with distinctive drop-down pipe lights above the display counter becoming a focal point.

Metal barrel display cases stand out as innovative storage solutions. These cases, resembling barrels, can be split open to reveal fashion items, showcasing a blend of functionality and industrial aesthetics. Their glass tops and rolling bases add an element of versatility to the design.

An unconventional choice in window treatment sets this lounge apart. Wire gauze covers the windows, adorned with artfully arranged used wine bottles, serving dual purposes as both decoration and a privacy screen.

Particle board-patterned wood defines doors and bathroom partitions, lending a rustic touch, particularly evident in the unique design of the bi-fold changing room doors.

The decorative pieces in this space give it an extra boost. Among these items are a roller skateboard, sewing machine parts, an iron bucket repurposed as a trash can, glass wine bottles instead of handwash bottles, wire gauze, tyre rims used for bar stool bases, rattan baskets, and eccentric wall art.

In summary, the luxury fashion store designed by S.EA Consulting for Trax Apparel is a unique blend of industrial chic and rustic charm. With its dark aesthetic, innovative storage solutions, and eclectic decor, it not only showcases fashion but tells a story of creativity and thoughtful design.

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