This Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting Features Cohesive Detailing

  • Designer: Maison Consulting
  • Project Title: Monroe
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image
  • Location: Nigeria

With gold accents, gilded elements and ornate detailing, this luxurious living room created by Maison Consulting merges classic elegance with a modern and vibrant twist.

In this project, Lagos-based interior designer, Maison Consulting created an exceptionally designed luxurious living room to enhance their client’s lifestyle while reflecting their personality and style. The room is framed by neutral elements to make room for statement elements to shine.

Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting

The colour palette of this luxurious living room ranges from light textured cream hues to plain smooth dark shades with deep oranges and brown somewhere in between. The designer decided to introduce gold as a metal component in the general material palette. They did this with the metal caddy, the coffee table, the side tables, the gilded mirrors in the dining area, and the lighting fittings. Maison Consulting also subtly trimmed the edges and feet of certain elements with gold which added to the air of importance within the room.

Coffe table in Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting
Gilded circular mirror
Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting
Inner lights in shelving with decor

This luxurious living room design can be described as both minimal and classic because even with the ornamentation that comes with the latter, the elements within this space are functional and not overbearing to the senses. This intention was made even clearer through the introduction of a minimalist line wall clock in the dining area and the golden silhouette wall decor in the seating area.

A view of the dining area showing the minimalist line clock.

Maison Consulting also discretely but impressively painted a retro vibe into this project with the use of certain sophisticated elements especially through the console setup in the dining area. The setup consists of a stylish wooden retro credenza with studded doors and a black and gold world desk clock. This was paired with three gilded circular mirrors that not only visually extend the space but highlight by reflection, the pop art on the opposite wall associated with the art era of the 1950s.

Retro credenza in Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting
Dining area in Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting

The seating area in this luxurious living room consists of two long roll-arm sofas and two single sofas with a coffee table all sitting above an area rug. This setup is laid out before a TV joinery with accent lights and decor. The dining area contains a six-seater dining table set with a glossy top also hosted by an area rug.

TV Joinery in Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting
Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting
TV Joinery
TV Joinery
Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting
Dining area in Luxurious Living Room By Maison Consulting

The living room is ambiently lit by natural light from the sizeable window on one end in collaboration with cool recessed ceiling lights. These light sources bounce off reflective surfaces within the space to improve the brightness and vibrance of the living room. The designer also employed focus lights to celebrate certain pieces and clusters and accent lights to set a complimenting mood.

The cohesiveness and harmony in the interior design of this luxurious living room by Maison Consulting goes far to show that with a deliberate interior design process, better and more beneficial living spaces will be created.

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