Know Your Mistakes: 9 Living Room Decorating Blunders You Should Avoid


A significant part of your home life happens in the living room. In this place, you spend quality time with your wife and children, watch TV, and relax after a long day from work. For you to make it an ultimate haven, you should decorate it the right way.

However, some people still make mistakes when it comes to decorating their living rooms. These are basic mistakes like furniture arrangement; some are just ignorance on the decoration that can suit up to a style of a living room.

For you to avoid these decorating mistakes, you first have to know about them. Below are the living room decorating blunders you should know and avoid.

Mistake #1. Not Thinking About the Scale

This mistake is perhaps the most common among the living room decorating blunders. If you have put on a furniture piece that just too large for your living room, you should be guilty of this mistake.

Seeing an elegant furniture piece in a showroom does not mean that it will also have the same effect on your living room. You should first consider the scale of the space and the size of furniture, and strike a balance between the two.

Mistake #2. Buying a Matching Living Room Set

It is essential that the furniture of your room attain a certain degree of coordination, but it does not mean you should go for matchy-matchy. Avoid buying those living room furniture set with dull uniform style and color.

You can combine shapes, colors, and patterns for a coordinated look without being too messy and disorganized.

Mistake #3. Hanging the Artwork in the Wrong Way

A painting displayed in the wrong way is similar to a stage performer wearing the wrong costume. Even if it is a good painting, you will ruin its quality and the style of the room if you hang it incorrectly.

Most people agree that you should hang artworks at eye level, but not all type of room will suit this decorating idea. You should not do it if your living room has a low ceiling and if the people in your house are not that vertically gifted.

If there are four vertical sections in the living room, you should display the artwork in the third from the bottom.

Mistake #4. Pushing the Furniture Against the Wall

It is another mistake that is just tempting to make. If you have a small living room, do not push all the furniture against the wall because it will shrink the size of the room. And if you have a big living room, you should arrange the furniture for conversations.

Mistake #5. Putting the Paint Job on the Top of the List

For sure, many people are guilty of this decorating mistake, especially if you are new in the house. The first thing that you should consider is the furnishing. As such, you will find it easier to complement the paint color to your couch than the other way around.

Mistake #6. Not Incorporating the Different Types of Lighting

You should consider the lighting in your living room right at the beginning. Avoid lighting your living room with just an overhead light. Instead, combine the light of pendant lights, table lamps, and recessed lighting at the ground level.

Mistake #7. Falling Into a Good-Looking But Uncomfortable Furniture

For sure, you are going to spend your bonding time with your family watching movies, or converse with your friend in the living room. As such, you have to buy furniture pieces that are not only beautiful from the outside, but also comfortable to sit on.

Mistake #8. Flooding the Room with Accessories and Memorabilia

For sure, accessories and memorabilia make the room assume a particular character, but sometimes it can go overhead and look messy. It will be a good idea if you just put a modest number of accessories in your living to avoid clutter.

Mistake #9. Making the Room Too Formal

While making your living room too formal may be alright for some homeowners out there, it will still be better to make it livable. You should see to it that you pull off a comfortable ambiance for your family and guests.


Making mistakes is part of life, especially in home decorating. But you can avoid them if you just know the things you have to do. You can get a refresher about the common living room decorating mistakes above and do no more of them in the future. For excellent furniture and lighting pieces that can make right these mistakes, look for them in sites like Black Mango.

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