Interior Ideas Trending This Week!

This week has been fun, fun, fun with lots and lots of beautiful spaces and ideas. There’s never a dull moment in the creative world, its either one inspiration to another or one great trend to the other. Here are some awesome trends we spotted this week;


We have seen abstract art used to fill up a wall like the picture below, completely giving life to a once empty wall or being used to fill a part of the wall with added elements to complete it. Usually they are used as the main element on the wall with the other decorative items added to complete it. I really love the ones that are very colourful. They are really happy- don’t blame me jor, I like happy things. You can find one that suits you and use it to personalise a blank boring wall. Make sure you get a piece(s) you are in love with, one that won’t bore you after a while.


Source; Turbulences-deco.
Source; Sfgirlbybay.
Source; decor8blog



One of the things I love about the gallery wall is how personal and individual you can make it. From the choice of frames (wood, variations of metal etc), to the colour of the frames, and the content of the frame (that is, the picture or the art inside it), you can make it all about you. A gallery wall not only does magic to an empty wall, it engages you and your guest. It’s that place you will always have your guest going to and looking with keen interest. It can tell the story of your life, or it can be downright expressive, artistic and deep. You will definitely have lot’s of fun with this trend.


Source; Ohjoyblog
Source; Stxxz.


Source; Anthropologie.
Source; Sarah Moore Vintage.
Source; Marrion WD



Brick walls really do it for me; they have a natural and cosy look and they are timeless. Seriously, they have been around for ages and do not plan to go anywhere anytime soon. You can personalise your brick wall by using a finish that suits you. The one below, partly finished with the mortar has a rustic earthy look and feel like the one after it, while the one below that was finished with a white paint. And yes, you can paint it with whatever colour you want and still have the characteristic brick pattern.


Source; Idhalindhag.
Source; Boston Globe.
Source; Urbanoutfitters.


Honestly, this week has really really been colourful, and white too. Its like everywhere I visited, I just kept seeing white, colour, white, colour (lol). Did you know that using a white coloured finish is a good base to create a colourful room? Well these pictures are living proof of that.
Source; Hus and Hem.
Source; Ohjoyblogs.


Source; A Beautiful Mess.
Source; Urbanoutfitters.
We would love to know your thoughts on these trends and which one you will be trying pretty soon. Have a beautiful weekend.


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