Inspiration for Creating a Minimalist Bathroom

A collection of inspiring ideas put together by the team at contemporist to create a minimalist bathroom, that is tidy, clutter free and welcoming to the user.

Here’s the article as seen on contemporist. (For more details about the images, see their original article).

Stick To A Neutral Color Palette

Use neutral colors, like white or grey, for the walls and scatter other neutral tones throughout the space as accents. This keeps the bathroom feeling open and bright even if you have no windows and enhances the natural light if you have some.

Clutter Free

Clutter is a minimalists worst nightmare. The key to achieving a minimalist bathroom is to eliminate the clutter. This means no more toothpaste tubes strewn across the counter, hair brushes tossed into overflowing baskets, or excessive decor perched strategically on shelves.


Create Contrast

Even though the walls should be kept fairly light, bringing in darker elements, like black hardware, can make a bold statement without bringing in unnecessary objects.

Stick To Simple Materials

Adding touches of wood or concrete to offset an all white bathroom adds texture and warmth to the bathroom while keeping a simple aesthetic.

Don’t Over Store

Just because you have the extra storage space, doesn’t mean you need to fill it completely. Keeping empty space empty and only using what you really need is essential to achieving minimalism in the bathroom.

Simple Accents And Decor

Anything you bring into your minimalist bathroom should be both beautiful and functional. There’s no room for things that don’t serve a purpose. Make sure that even the simple things, like a towel rack or a soap bottle, perform their function beautifully.

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