Infographic: Furniture Trends For 2017

We witness trends coming and going heavily in fashion and with so many stores to buy inexpensive items to buy into those trends, consumers can satisfy their appetite easily without breaking the bank.

Trends exist also in interiors and furniture and while it’s often more a considered or substantial purchase than the likes of fast fashion, it’s still possible to make inexpensive buy-ins in interiors through the likes of accessories. More substantial purchases in furniture are subject to trends also, for example, mirrored furniture is currently hugely popular. Previously it might have been seen as a more garish choice but the selection and design aesthetics of the range available would whet the appetite of even the more traditional interiors lover.

We’re also seeing a big surge towards colour and texture and in some cases you can see both trends fall in with one another. Navy is a standout trend colour and we are all at this stage likely to be aware of the Pantone colour of the year which is a wonderfully natural green. This is a visually inviting colour and with the surge in popularity of velvet style textures, the two would really tie in well together. Velvet is a welcome trend because it looks simply wonderful and elegant and it also is fabulously luxurious to touch. Velvet doesn’t necessarily need to be incorporated onto major pieces of furniture like sofas or armchairs, it also works wonderfully on accessories like throws and cushions. If you already have a textured sofa perhaps something like a harsh leather, a velvet throw or cushion makes for a fantastic contrast for comfort while also looking pretty amazing. The guys over at EZ Living have put together this infographic all about the furniture trends thus far for 2017 so check it out below and see what catches your eye!

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