How to Turn Your House into a Chic and Healthy Place

There’s no place like home. It’s the safe haven you go to when everything else seems to be crumbling and where you know you’ll be snug and sheltered. It’s no wonder then that you not only want your home to look nice and modern, but also for you and your family to be out of harm’s way healthwise. So, if you want to make some adjustments to your home, try following these tips to turn it into a sanctuary of elegance and health.

Have colors work for you

Whether you’re aware of it or not, colors will greatly contribute to your general mood. This is why you should be very careful when choosing the color for your walls and furniture. While brighter colors will make you feel more energetic, there’s also a chance they’ll make you nervous. Therefore, in order to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, opt for softer and more neutral tones of pink or violet. Similarly, the pastel tones of yellow will make you feel like you’re bathing in sunshine, and most shades of green will soothe you, like a spring walk through your favorite park. Still, if you really want a calming effect, choose blue for your home. Just think about it. Whenever you’re stressed, looking up at the blue sky or the clear sea can help you unwind. Why not get the same feeling in your home? Plus, blue is especially good for your bedroom, due to the fact it promotes good sleep. And just like with any other color, choose gentler and more subtle tones to avoid being overstimulated.

Let nature in

Painting your walls green and blue is a good start, but there are many other things you can do to introduce nature to your living space. For example, when transforming old walls, brick or natural rock can be very soothing to the eye, as can the dark of mahogany on your living room floor. Wood is also a great option, and one versatile enough to be used for either minimalistic furniture in any of your rooms or ceiling beams and floors, bringing warmth and calmness into your home. Furthermore, by making your windows bigger and hanging translucent drapes, you can allow sunshine to bathe your interiors as one of the most appealing and comforting natural elements. Add some potted plants to all your rooms and decorate your backyard with perennial ones for a cheerful appearance of your indoor and outdoor surroundings. Finally, you can even get some decorative elements made of natural materials, like hand-made baskets or jute rugs.

Keep it clean

Once you decorate your home, it’s essential that you maintain its cleanliness. There’s nothing healthy and relaxing about coming back home after a hard day’s work to find clutter and chaos. This can lead to even more stress and the only way to avoid it is to tidy up your home regularly. Dust it, vacuum it and put everything back in its place after you’re done using it. Another important thing is to keep allergens at bay and the indoor air clean and fresh, which is something a whole house air purifier can be very helpful with. Invest in closets, cupboards and drawer elements with clean lines, so that you have plenty of closed storage space. Having everything in plain sight can look very messy and this can lead to anxiety and even despair. Instead, keep your shelves minimally decorated and your table surface empty, with the exception of a flower vase in the middle of it. The cushions on your sofa will only look lovely if they’re nicely arranged. Also any room will appear more spacious if your windows are washed frequently, preferably with a natural vinegar-based solution.

Personalize it

What’s fashionable and chic today may not be that way tomorrow, so when it comes to home décor, following your own gut may be the best thing you can do. Instead of looking for the most modern furniture, art and decorations, consider surrounding yourself and your family with pieces which are a reflection of your own temperament, desires and lifestyle. The things you bring into your home should do more than impress your guests. You’re the one who’ll spend most of their time in your home, so the things inside it should make you feel good, remind you of some dear people and significant events and evoke good memories every time you see them. Photos of your loved ones, souvenirs from your journeys or meaningful presents are a great example of that.

When making changes to your home, take your time and be mindful about it. There will be no mistakes if you invest yourself and your patience in creating a place where you’ll feel healthy and serene.


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