How Scandinavian Style Is Transforming Our Homes – Inside and Out

The Scandinavian countries are filled with outstanding natural beauty, from the northern lights of their Arctic extremities to their stunning islands and magical fjords.

They also have some of the coolest cities in Europe, and visitors from across the globe flock to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo. These are among the most stylish nations on earth, and the Scandinavian style of architecture and interior design is the most influential of them all. At the heart of Scandinavian style is practicality allied with simple, beautiful lines, and here are three ways that it’s transforming the interior and exterior of our homes.


1. Superior Sun Control

To make the most of our rooms, whether for purposes of work or leisure, it’s important that we control the amount of sun coming into them. That’s why blinds and sun shades are vital components in modern homes, and when you buy from a leading Scandinavian manufacturer, you can also ensure that you have stylish components that perfectly complement the design of your room and all within it. Norsol are renowned manufacturers of blinds (otherwise known as perisenners) and sunshades, so they have a wide range of styles and colors to select from. With over 30 years of experience in designing sunshades, blinds, awnings and more, they know how to produce products that provide excellence in both performance and appearance. These beautiful blinds and sun shades give you complete and finite control over how much sunlight enters your living space, creating an ideal environment for you and your loved ones, whatever the weather outside.

Norsol vertical blind takes shape of the windows.

2. Custom Awnings

Awnings are an ideal architectural accessory, in that they provide a shaded and sheltered space outside your home while adding to its overall aesthetic appeal. When you purchase awnings from Norsol, you also get great value for money on awnings of the highest quality, all from a name that is renowned for its style across Norway and beyond. Custom awnings are made to the customer’s own specifications, which means you can have an awning which perfectly matches your needs, and which provides ideal sun and weather protection all year round. The simplicity of these awnings is their beauty, elevating them above standard awnings.

A Norsol Awning – can be custom made to your specification.

3. The Hygge Revolution

Stores such as Ikea have exported Scandinavian style across the world, revolutionizing interior design in the process. Just as revolutionary, and just as quick to transform our homes, is the concept of hygge. Hygge is a word from the Norwegian and Danish languages which translated literally means ‘fun’, and when it comes to décor, it places emphasis upon items that create a warm and welcoming environment. Its influence upon interior design can be seen in the popularity of neutral color schemes, and the increased popularity of soft cushions and throws. What started as a Scandinavian ideal is now championed across Europe, North America and beyond, and it reminds designers of the importance of creating homes that feel great as well as look great.

A warm and welcoming space in this home by Mark Odom Studios with the modern Scandinavian style

Hygge interiors with perfectly controlled sunlight, thanks to incredibly stylish blinds and sunshades, and exterior comfort provided by custom made awnings, are changing how we live and how our homes look. They represent the best of Scandinavian design, so utilizing them in and around your property is sure to make a lasting impression on all your visitors.

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