This Chic Girl’s Bedroom In Nigeria Features A Vibrant Pastel Colour Scheme

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  • Designer: Goldray Interiors
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Nigeria

With a vibrant pastel colour scheme, Goldray Interiors crafted a girl’s bedroom in Nigeria that nurtures creativity and whimsy. A pink sleeping area, purple curtains and green storage boxes all came together to give this “little princess” a colourful space.

The focal point of the room is the pink upholstered bed frame, adorned with elegant purple curtains tied back with delicate pink accents. Behind the bed, a textured wallpaper adds depth and character to the space, enhancing its charm.

Girl's bedroom in Nigeria with a pastel colour scheme

What truly sets this design apart is its vibrant pastel colour scheme, meticulously curated by Goldray Interiors. By incorporating these gentle yet lively tones, the room exudes a sense of whimsy and creativity, perfect for inspiring the imagination of its young occupant.

Girl's bedroom in Nigeria with pink headboard
House shaped shelving

In conclusion, Goldray Interiors has succeeded in crafting a truly enchanting space that not only delights the eye but also nurtures creativity and imagination. Through their skillful use of a pastel color scheme, they have created a bedroom fit for a princess, where every moment is filled with magic and possibility.

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