GIrls' bedroom in Lagos by Greyson Living. View showing feather pendant light and bubble sofas.

7 Features In This Chic Girls’ Bedroom In Lagos That Makes It A Trendsetter

  • Designer: Greyson Living
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos

Greyson Living, a Nigerian interior design studio, designed a girls’ bedroom in Lagos for two girls. This enchanting space showcases a harmonious blend of functionality and style, reflecting the studio’s commitment to creating personalized and chic interiors.

From distinctive bedframes to well-zoned areas catering to various activities, Greyson Living has crafted a room that not only captures the imagination but also meets the practical needs of its young inhabitants. Join us as we explore the outstanding features of this beautifully curated girls’ bedroom in Lagos that make it a trendsetter.

Interior image of a girls' bedroom in Lagos.
Chic girl’s bedroom in Lagos by Greyson Living.

1. Zoning

One of the standout features of this girls’ bedroom in Lagos is how the designer was able to fit multiple functions into the space by the proper zoning of functions. The space is zoned into distinct areas, including a sleeping area, study area, entertainment area, and more, ensuring functionality and an optimized space.

Entertainment area in girls' bedroom in Lagos.

2. Chic and Modern Entertainment Area

The entertainment area features a stylish lounge and a TV wall. The TV wall is elegantly adorned with decorative wall mouldings, creating a chic and modern focal point for entertainment. It visually balances out the busy wall with the wallpaper opposite it. The fact that it was done in all white allows for an infusion of character in the most minimal way possible.

For the lounge, the designers introduced a pair of vibrant bubble sofas with matching ottomans, paired with a colourful abstract rug. The sitting area complements the minimalist and elegant TV wall nicely.

Minimal modern tv wall in children's bedroom.
Minimal modern tv wall in children's bedroom.
A pair of vibrant bubble sofas and ottomans in the entertainment area.
A pair of vibrant bubble sofas and ottomans paired with a colourful abstract rug in the entertainment area.

3. Play Area

A dedicated play area is seamlessly integrated into the room’s design, providing a fun and engaging space for the girls to enjoy. The designer obviously provided this function according to the needs of the occupants of the room, to cater to the imaginative minds of children.

A view of the play area in the girls' bedroom featuring a standing mirror - perfect for playing dress up.
A view of the play area nicely tucked away. It features a standing mirror perfect for playing dress up.
Beauty play corner in girls' bedroom in Lagos.

4. Study Area

Greyson Living provided a well-defined study area along one of the walls in the bedroom in between the play area and the closet. The fact that the play area is positioned out of sight from the study area contributes to creating a more focused environment for the children. It is completely furnished with stylish desks and chairs in different colours to keep their minds active and also to romanticize study time.

Colourful study area in children's bedroom showing identical work station and matching floating shelves.

5. Storage Solutions

Various storage options, including floating and open shelves, are well placed throughout the room, aiding in organization and keeping the space clutter-free. In the play area, there is the nightstand and an open shelf; in the study area, there are the tables with drawers further optimized by the floating shelf above them. Additional storage can also be found in the sleeping and entertainment areas.

White floating wall shelf in bedroom.

6. Texture-rich Decor

The room features texture-rich decor, from the floral wallpaper to the fluted panel skirting and polished black floor, adding depth and visual interest to the space. This is often employed in bedrooms for girls to introduce an air of elegance. This will make them feel like royalty and inspire a sense of responsibility.

GIrls' bedroom in residential project by Greyson Living.

7. Distinctive Bedframes

In the sleeping area, custom-made bedframes were tailored for each girl – most likely reflecting their preferences. One is a bunny rabbit-inspired headboard, while the other is crown-inspired. Both beds are finished with a peach and off-white colour scheme complemented by matching beddings. Personalisation helps create a connection between the child and their bedroom so that they see the space as an extension of themselves. Also complimenting the beds is the feather pendant light providing ambient lighting.

Chic wallpaper in bedroom for two little girls by Greyson Living.
Image of Interior design of kids' bedroom by Greyson Living.
Image of Interior design of kids' bedroom by Greyson Living.

Greyson Interior Design studio curated a chic and functional girls’ bedroom in Lagos that caters to the unique personalities and needs of the two girls, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

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