luxury grey living room decor by mimz interiors - a closer view of the black shelf

Design Update – Grey Living Room Interior In Nigeria By Mimz Interiors

Originally shared by Nigerian architectural photographer, Luxury Interior Image, this modern grey living room designed by Nigerian interior designer, Mimz Interiors exudes luxury living.

The home features a grey living room theme – grey marble wall tiles, grey curtains and grey sofas. The greys complement the pristine white walls and ceilings. One major highlight of the living room you can’t miss is the double volume mirror wall.

Spanning more than 5m in height, the abstract mirror comprises different shapes and sizes of black frame mirror pieces, creating a broken glass effect. The design is bold, introducing an interesting focal point in the living room – one that immediately grabs your attention.

The dining room doesn’t have as much grey as the living room. It explores a much warmer palette with browns and oranges. However, just like the living room, it’s stylish and inviting. What do you think of the decor? Tell us in the comments.

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