View of Walk-in Closet Design by Design by C. Williams

Design by C. Williams Shares Sleek Walk-in Closet Design For Master Bedroom

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  • Designer: Design by C. Williams
  • Project type: Residential
  • Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Nigeria

Design by C. Williams, an interior design firm based in Lagos set out to design a master bedroom closet that frequently showcases the user’s wardrobe such that it mimics the layout of a small yet chic boutique. This sleek walk-in closet design was a successful result of this attempt.

When it comes to interior design, closets often don’t get the attention they deserve. However, a good walk-in closet design can make your daily routine smoother and more stylish. This enclosed master bedroom closet is spacious and has a layout that is straightforward yet practical.

The choice of materials and finishes in the master bedroom closet is simple and functional. The dark-grained wood used for the cabinetry infuses warmth and texture into the space, creating a cozy ambiance. In contrast, the off-white wood of the drawers provides a fresh and airy feel, beautifully complementing the rest of the walk-in closet design.

View of Walk-in Closet Design by Design by C. Williams

Glass doors on all closet sections add an element of transparency, making it easy to locate your belongings. These doors are framed in the same dark metal as the handles, creating a harmonious visual flow throughout the closet.

On one side of the closet, you’ll find two-tier arrangements for hanging long items like dresses and coats and shorter items like blouses and shirts. Below, there’s a dedicated section for shoes, ensuring they’re easy to see and reach. This is well-suited for a master bedroom closet.

Image showing hanging storage space in Walk-in closet

Opposite the hanging space is ample storage for folded clothes and other items. Neat shelves keep items like sweaters and jeans, as well as other items tidy. Also incorporated in the walk-in closet design are drawers in an off-white wood finish. These were provided for special storage and also contrasted nicely with the rich, dark-grained wood used for the cabinets.

Image showing folding storage in walk-in closet design by Design by C. Williams

One of the thoughtful additions made by Design by C. Williams in this master bedroom closet is the window seat. This cozy spot by the window, upholstered in a shade of yellow, provides a peaceful place to sit or admire the view.

Image showing window seat in walk-in closet design by Design by C. Williams

Another feature that brought this walk-in closet design together is the island dresser. This central piece in the closet offers both style and function. It features dark wood cabinets and an off-white counter top with ample storage for jewelry, accessories, and essentials.

island dresser in master bedroom closet

An additional notable element is the full-size irregular mirror that was produced in the same shape as the portrait mirror provided for the dresser.

Showing mirror in master bedroom closet
Dresser in Walk-in closet by Design by C. WIlliams
Organic shaped mirror for the dresser.

Proper lighting is crucial in any walk-in closet design. In this space, natural light flows in through the window, enhancing the atmosphere. Spotlights and a simple chandelier were provided for additional brightness, ensuring that every corner of the closet is well-lit.

Image showing hanging storage space in Walk-in closet

Inside the closet, there are grooved-in lights for task lighting. This small detail makes it easy for items to be picked out even when there’s no natural light.

In conclusion, this walk-in closet design by Design by C. Williams can be said to serve its purpose. With a practical layout, quality materials, and matching mirrors, the master bedroom closet combines functionality and style easily.

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