Decor tips to make your home Instagram worthy

[dropcap size=big]S[/dropcap]crolling through home pictures on Instagram, you might be wondering what a hugely inadequate amount of money must have been spent to make these homes as beautiful as they look. However, the truth behind these pictures isn’t necessarily expensive. You can make your home Instagram-worthy by following these simple tips.

First of all – light

A sunny home is a picturesque home. Unless you want your home to have a haunted or neglected vibe, you should consider opening those curtains and letting some light in. Don’t have enough windows? There are ways to avoid this problem by painting your walls in a bright color, installing skylights or adding some reflective materials to your walls.

Keep it simple

You might want to consider packing some things up in boxes and adding more free space. Spacious rooms look practical and convenient. Of course, there is a point where you can overdo minimalism. Simple doesn’t necessarily have to be plain.


Make a good contrast

Combining white, yellow and beige might be a bit too matching. If you feel like your room is too light or dark, then you have a perfect reason to make some contrast. Do a bit of research on which colors complement each other well and don’t be afraid to experiment.


Artwork is a must

The best way to add more life to a room is by adding art pieces. Either with a painting in the style of Leonid Afremov or a Damien Hirst-like extraordinary peace, you might get just the needed effect. Artwork details are essential when it comes to making an empty room look elegant. Try adding just one art piece to your freshly painted walls and take a photo of it. Instagram will love it.

Refresh your furniture

Old, worn out sofas can sometimes be the main reason why every other change you make stays unnoticed. While searching for the perfect sofa, keep in mind that leather lounge suites are a good choice. Besides being durable and easy to clean, at the right angle, they will look perfect on every Instagram photo.


Make it greener

Plants make a room seem fresh and well preserved. Plus, they are healthy to keep around. There are many different types of wonderful plants which take less than one weekly watering. Should this still be too much work for you, plastic plants are also a good option.


Arrange night lights

The lights have to cover up the room in order to emphasize all the details. Whether you are more of a chandelier type or you prefer mini pendants, the key is to put them in the right position so that it is possible to read, relax or just spend time with friends and family. Christmas tree decorations can come in handy and give a nice touch to some darker corners.

Personalize your rooms

Nothing says style like your personal touch. Don’t be afraid to take your old guitar out of the basement and put it in the corner of the room. Put your rarely used tea set on the table. Fish some books out of the drawer. Not only do this little details make a big difference, but who knows, you might even be tempted to use them all again.

The floor is important, too

With the perfect lighting, furniture and details, a crooked or bashed floor can still ruin your desired Instagram worthy look. Choosing a good carpet or area rug can save the day. By finding a good padding, appropriate material and just the right color you can make your floor look as good as new.


Add a do-it-yourself detail

You don’t have to be a craft worker in order to make your own decoration. Through the miracles of the Internet you can easily find tutorials for whatever detail you might need to make your home more picturesque. It comes in handy to save some money, and gives you a new hobby, too! This recycled leather and wood shelf is a fairly simple project to try your hands on.

Now, all it’s left to do is to find the right camera to take on Instagram with all the luxury. But, remember what Coco Chanel once said: luxury must not be seen, but must be felt. Coziness is the best disguise for luxury. Whether you love lazy bags, inside swings, or just big, fluffy pillows, don’t forget to use them. An Instagram worthy home is, above all, the one you feel comfortable in.

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