View of Avant-Garde Lounge By ISD Studio

This Dark-themed Avant-Garde Living Room By ISD Studio Features A Statement Floor Lamp

  • Designer: ISD Studio
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Nigeria

ISD Studio, a Lagos-based interior design company, designed an enigmatic avant-garde living room for a residential project in Nigeria. With its intriguing blend of dark aesthetics, carefully chosen furnishings, and subtle illumination, the space evokes an aura of mystique.

The living room is accessed through an anteroom that serves as a precursor to the atmosphere within. A sleek console setup welcomes guests, styled with a circular mirror and two understated stools. It’s an open-concept layout that has a living room lounge, the main seating area, and a dining area.

View of Avant-Garde Living Room By ISD Studio

The choice of dark brown slatted wooden cladding for the walls establishes the ambiance, creating a textured backdrop that invites exploration. Below, the herringbone patterned floor adds a layer of intrigue, a stark contrast to the soft light that filters through. A minimalist white ceiling complements the white skirting along the walls, ensuring a balanced aesthetic.

Close up View of Avant-Garde Living Room By ISD Studio

What sets this avant-garde living room apart is the deliberate selection of furniture. The combination of varying aesthetics creates a unique visual harmony. The main entertainment seating consists of two single boucle seats and an L-shaped sectional sofa with a tiered coffee table similar to the side tables.

For the living room lounge, a simple, light grey concept sofa shares the space with an artistic coffee table with a marble top. This ensemble rests upon an amorphous area rug, akin to a piece of art on display. A bold dark wall art is positioned behind the concept sofa and harmonizes with the prevailing ambiance, adding an air of enigmatic elegance to the avant-garde living Room.

Coffee table in Avant-Garde Living Room Lounge By ISD Studio
Coffee table.
Decor on coffee table in Avant-Garde Living Room By ISD Studio
Décor on coffee table.
Sofa in Avant-Garde Living Room Lounge By ISD Studio
Close-up of lounge seating.

In one corner, an avant-garde floor lamp serves as a notable focal point, casting captivating patterns of light and shadow. To balance the atmosphere, ISD Studio placed a linear floor lamp on the opposite side, to offer a subtle counterpoint to its more striking counterpart.

Floor lamp in Avant-Garde Living Room By ISD Studio
Avant-garde floor lamp in the living room lounge.

Even though within the same space as the entertainment area, the dining area within this avant-garde living room has its own aura. The textured grey wall from the anteroom flows into the dining room where it is enhanced by wall panels that host wall lights and framed art. It contains an 8-seater oval dining table set sitting above a patterned area rug.

To further enhance the living room’s dark ambiance, trim lighting discreetly lines both above and below the walls. This addition introduces a warm and inviting illumination that weaves through the room, sculpting the shadows and adding depth to the already intriguing design.

Through the interplay of materials, the juxtaposition of light and dark, and the carefully curated selection of furniture, ISD Studio has fashioned an avant-garde living room that challenges conventions and welcomes guests into a realm of mystery and enchantment.

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