Contemporary bedroom design by ISD Studios.

This Eclectic Contemporary Bedroom By ISD Studio layers textures and colours

To achieve a harmonious blend of dark tones and rustic details, Nigerian Interior Design Studio, ISD Studios, created a cosy and inviting eclectic contemporary bedroom that “perfectly reflects the client’s desired atmosphere”.

The central feature of the contemporary bedroom is a dark upholstered bedframe, providing both style and comfort. Accompanied by a textured bed bench, the sleeping area creates a cozy atmosphere. A printed wall art of a car placed above the bed adds visual interest to the space.

Eclectic contemporary bedroom by ISD Studios showing a part of the bed, the modern green lounge chair and the floor lamp.

Flanked by two sizable windows adorned with cream-colored full-length drapes, the room is flooded with natural light, creating an airy and inviting ambiance. The designer provided additional seating options, including a vibrant coloured sofa for entertainment and a modern green lounge chair with black metal legs for a reading corner. These provide stylish and functional elements to the room’s design.

Modern green lounge chair and throw in reading corner.
Modern green lounge chair in reading corner.

The white backdrop serves as the perfect canvas to showcase the layered textures and colors throughout the space. Lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the room’s atmosphere, with a combination of a chandelier, bedside lamps, a floor lamp by the green chair for reading, and spotlights for general lighting, ensuring both functionality and ambiance.

Another view of the contemporary bedroom Interior by Nigerian Interior Design Studio, ISD Studio.
A view of the contemporary bedroom showing the cream drapes, black upholstered bed, table lamp and other accessories on the nightstand.
Framed minimalist wall art for subtle decor in bedroom.

Soft decor elements, such as plants, diffusers, and wall arts, add the finishing touches to the room to further personalise the space. With its eclectic mix of contemporary design elements and layered textures and colors, this contemporary bedroom design by ISD Studios is worth exploring.

Contemporary bedroom design by ISD Studios with a view of the comfy mustard yellow sofa for entertainment.

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