Small Space, Big Style: A Compact Modern Living Room By Goldray

In a recent project by Goldray Interiors, photographed by Luxury Interior Image Ng, a compact modern living room emerges as a sanctuary of warmth and balance. At first glance, the space exudes a savoury ambience, inviting one to linger and soak in its charm.

The designer’s attention to detail is seen, with each element carefully curated to infuse texture and character into the room. Even for a small space, the choice of sectional and twin accent chairs are very suitable – filling up the space, while adding comfort and visual interest to it.

Warm compact modern living room design by Goldray Interior

This open compact modern living room seamlessly transitions into a dining area, featuring a round 4-seater dining table adorned with a unique glass pendant light, adding a touch of intrigue overhead. Warm-colored textures accentuate the coffee table and side tables, harmonizing effortlessly with the overall colour palette of the room.

4-seater dining table in living room design by Goldray Interiors.
Glass pendants over dining table.
Two brown accent chairs.

However, the true highlight of the space is the bold indoor plant, which injects life and vibrancy into the environment, serving as the cherry on top of this tastefully designed living room.

The compact modern living room design showcases the designer’s expertise in creating inviting and visually captivating spaces, where every detail contributes to a harmonious and comfortable ambience.

Warm living room design by Goldray Interior

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