Chic Scandi-Modern Home Office Design By ICORA Interiors

  • Designer: ICORA Designs
  • Project type: Residential
  • Photography: Mujib Ojeifo
  • Location: Nigeria

In this age of remote work, home offices have become more than just places to get work done. This scandi-modern home office design, combines the elements of nature, modernity, and functionality, to create an inviting and productive place to work.

With a stimulating colour palette, proper lighting and practical storage solutions, Lagos-based Interior Design Studio, ICORA Interiors created a functional Scandi-modern home office. The colour palette of this home office is a harmonious blend of green, white, orange, wood, and grey. These colours work together to create a calming and energizing atmosphere, perfect for a productive workday.

The heart of this modern office design is the wooden desk, surrounded by six sleek orange seats. This six-seater working desk promotes collaboration and can also allow for members of the house to work simultaneously.

View of scandi-modern home office design by ICORA Designs
A view of the scandi-modern home office by Icora Interiors.

With a large window covered in blinds, natural light floods the room, creating an inviting atmosphere. The six-seater desk sits in the center of the room, with a patterned white rug underneath, defining the workspace.

On one side of the modern office, lined against the green wall, a low white shelf was placed for storage and display. Tasteful décor pieces were also placed on the low white shelf to add personality and flair.

One interesting piece of furniture placed in this scandi-modern home office is the grey bench with a built-in back rest for casual seating. The design of it also provides space beneath for extra storage and the texture of the upholstery softens the space.

Grey bench with built-in back rest in scandi-modern home office design by ICORA Designs

The extensive use of wood in the furniture and on the floor in collaboration with the rattan baskets and vases gives the space a touch of rustic charm that is usually associated with this modern office design style.

Personal touches make this scandi-modern home office truly special. An indoor plant in a rattan vase adds a breath of fresh air and a natural element to the room. Personal framed pictures and a bean bag were thoughtfully placed in the corner by the window to add a sentimental touch to the workspace.

Another view of the home office by Icora Designs.
View of scandi-modern home office design by ICORA Designs

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