Waiting area in Bohemian Beauty Store By Goldray Interiors

Explore The Allure Of Curves And Colours In This Plush Modern Bohemian Beauty Store By Goldray Interiors

  • Designers: Goldray Interiors
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

In the world of beauty, every shade tells a story, and every curve whispers an invitation to indulge. Goldray Interiors designed a bohemian beauty store that harmonizes plush curves with a palette of enchanting shades of pink, regal lavender, and refreshing green to make every visit a crafted experience in itself.

Crafted for a hair beauty business in Lagos, this open-concept bohemian beauty store by Goldray Interiors seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic allure. The layout features hair styling and washing stations, a chic reception area, and a thoughtfully designed waiting area. A carefully selected color palette of pink, lavender, and pastel green, rooted in color psychology, fosters an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury.

Bohemian Beauty Store By Goldray Interiors

The interior is framed by a simple curvilinear white ceiling, pastel pink walls, and a stylish terrazzo pattern tiled floor. Customized for the primary users, the design of this bohemian beauty store prioritizes aesthetics for customer comfort and also pictures and videos. The waiting area, adorned with a lavender upholstered bench, side table, and indoor plant, promotes a bohemian theme, acknowledging the significance of customer comfort during the waiting period.

Goldray Interiors extends its commitment to visual pleasure and comfort to the hair styling stations, where each station boasts amorphous full-length mirrors, storage cabinets, and ergonomic chairs. The reception area adds to the overall aesthetic with a deep pink slated desk and a curvy dramatic back wall. At the heart of the space, the tiered floor display stands for beauty products do not only serve as a focal point but also elegantly tie together the diverse functions of the plush beauty store.

Bohemian-style flowers and minimal framed line art were used as decor pieces to promote the intended theme and style of this bohemian beauty store by Goldray Interiors

Bohemian Beauty Store By Goldray Interiors
Centre floor product display stand.
Bohemian Beauty Store By Goldray Interiors

Goldray Interiors has successfully curated a versatile and aesthetically pleasing bohemian beauty for a hair beauty business in Lagos. Balancing functionality with visual appeal, the open-concept design incorporates color psychology principles to create an inviting atmosphere. From the celebrated floor displays at the center to the carefully designed hair styling stations, waiting area, and reception, each element contributes to the overall harmony of the space.

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