Another view of the window display at Besaz Boutique designed by HOA Interiors

Inside Besaz – A Sophisticated Fashion Store Design by HOA Interiors

Besaz is a stylish women’s fashion store in Lagos, designed and implemented by Nigerian Interior Designer, HOA Interiors.

The space previously had a suspended ceiling which was removed by the designers and replaced it with a POP ceiling – to create a perfect canvas for the sliced mirror and suspended clothes hanging system. The fashion store has a mostly white interior, which sets the tone for its modern design elements.

  • Before images of Besaz fashion store showing the removal of the suspended ceiling
  • Before images of the fashion store in Lagos
  • Construction photos of the Besaz Lagos Fashion store
  • Construction images of the Besaz fashion store showing suspension of the clothes hanger

Different design elements were combined to create an inviting and memorable shopping experience for its shoppers. One of the main highlights of the fashion store is its creative storefront.

The storefront is inspired by the tailoring process. It features a life-size installation of a sewing scissors and a measuring tape, in combination with varying shapes of grey patterns. This represents the creative process of fashion as interpreted by the Interior Designer. To onlookers, it’s inviting and able to attract potential customers.

Another view of the window display at Besaz Boutique designed by HOA Interiors
Creative Storefront inspired by the process of tailoring.
Creative window display at Besaz Boutique by HOA Interiors - inspired by the tailoring process
Another view of the storefront.

Another interesting feature of the store is the ceiling mirrors. According to the designer, the mirror is inspired by Pizza slices. Not sure why the designer chose Pizza slices, but the interpretation is lovely. Slices of mirrors representing Pizza slices are attached to the ceiling and placed over the sitting area. This elevates the space and grabs ones attention when you step into it.

A view of the reception area in Besaz Boutique.
A view of the sitting area in Besaz fashion store, designed by HOA Interiors.

For seating, the designers introduced two modern armchairs and a stylish curved bench in the central part of the store. The store’s merchandise are displayed around the seating in full view of the central seating or lounge.

Inside the shopping area showing the lounge and sliced mirrors above.

For displaying the clothes, a suspended clothes hanging system with a modern and minimalist look was used. The suspended system is made of a black metal frame hanging from the ceiling. The clean black lines of the clothes hanger are very modern, they elevate the room in an elegant, minimalist way.

Inside the minimalist yet sophisticated interior of Besaz Fashion Store in Lagos.

A laidback approach was taken in the reception area of the fashion store with its earthy look and nude tone. A textured grey finish was used for the walls, while the desk has a natural wood finish. This combination of the grey wall and the distressed wood look of the reception desk is very soothing and calm.

A view of the reception design at Besaz Fashion store
Besaz reception area.
Another view of the earthy reception area
A view of the reception area in Besaz Boutique.
Another view of the fashion store showing a wall art
Another view of the shopping area with a planter
Coffee table decor in Besaz Fashion store
Another view of the window display at Besaz Boutique designed by HOA Interiors

While the store has a number of interesting features, which will you say say is your favourite? Please tell us in the comments.

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