A Review Of This Sophisticated Art Deco Bedroom In Nigeria with Pumpkin-Inspired Lighting by XO Living

  • Designer: XO Living
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Mujib Ojeifo
  • Location: Nigeria

XO Living created a sophisticated and vibrant Art Deco bedroom design for an Air BnB project in Nigeria. With striking patterns, a rich colour palette, stylish bedside tables and elegant light fixtures, this bedroom exudes luxury and timeless elegance.

A typical Art Deco bedroom design is characterized by a harmonious blend of bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and vibrant colours. The furniture often features sleek lines and polished surfaces, with elements like mirrored or lacquered finishes. The colour palette tends to be rich and sophisticated, incorporating jewel tones, black, gold, and chrome accents.

Art Deco Bedroom Design by XO Living

This ensuite bedroom is framed by a stylish and deliberately designed ceiling, partitioned according to the functions in the room. The floor is covered in white veined tiling and the walls are treated respectively according to function. The space is generally lit up by cool recessed ceiling lights and several other well placed ambient and focus lights.

Every piece in this bedroom has a stylish character of its own. The designer curated the space such that every perspective is visually captivating, rich and interesting. Each element has a certain sophistication and vibrance that tells a deliberate design story and automatically adds a personal touch to the Art Deco bedroom design.

One perspective reveals an enigmatic dressing area with a dark corrugated backboard. It’s furnished with a mirror, a floating console and a tufted ottoman stool. Also within this view is a celebrated leather daybed centred with the window.

Dressing area in Art Deco Bedroom Design by XO Living
Dressing area with tufted ottoman.
Daybed in Art Deco Bedroom Design by XO Living
The daybed by the window also shows gold curtain tiebacks.

Another perspective showcases an impressive dark wardrobe with inner lights and see-through doors akin to a luxurious shopping experience. While a dark glossy finished joinery hosting the television sits opposite the sleeping area.

Art Deco Bedroom Design by XO Living
TV joinery in Art Deco Bedroom Design by XO Living

The sleeping area is at the centre of the space presenting itself in an off-white upholstered bedframe with white and green bedding. It is flanked by two unique black and white bedside tables and lit up by beautiful pumpkin-like pendant bedside lamps. Also in this corner, the designers placed a colourful painting to keep the lights company. Behind all of this is a grand orange wall with classical wall mouldings to add class to the Art Deco bedroom design.

With decor and the introduction of gold accents through tiny elements such as the curtain tie-backs, this Art Deco bedroom design by XO Living stands out as an example of a deliberately designed stylish and sophisticated bedroom.

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