Image of boy's bedroom by Onnalush Interiors

Adventurous Boy’s Bedroom By Onnalush Interiors Features A Fort Bed

  • Designer: Onnalush Interiors
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Status: Completed
  • Photography: Onnalush Interiors
  • Location: Nigeria

A boy’s bedroom plays a significant role in housing his imagination, independence, creativity, whims and fancies. To achieve this, his favorite things have to be incorporated as much as the space allows. With proper storage and a fun bed, Onnalush created a personalised space for a little boy in Nigeria

The first point of interest in this boy’s bedroom by Onnalush Interiors, is the wall-to-wall metal frame shelving unit. It’s built around the TV. Crafted with a robust metal pipe, it provides storage for a collection of toys, action figures, and cherished possessions.

Wall-to-wall shelving unit in boy's bedroom by Onnalush Interiors

To maximise space, the designer chose a loft bed for the bedroom. Accessed by a ladder built with same metal used on the shelving, the second level on the bed serves as a play pen or a fun hub. This allows the child to view his bedroom from an elevated point of view and also gives him the kind of imaginative privacy that a tree-house would.

Fort bed and animal wall mural in boy's bedroom   by Onnalush Interiors

The key to great design is to capture the spirit and personality of the client. All design should be visually powerful, elegant and timeless, whether it is classic or contemporary.

Onnalush Interiors | Mission Statement |
Fort bed in boy's bedroom by Onnalush Interiors

The study corner beside the loft bed was strategically placed such that the boy is zoned away from the distractions in the rest of the room. This helps with concentration and focus during study time.

Image of boy's bedroom by Onnalush Interiors

The aesthetics of the room are further enhanced by the full-height grey curtains, paired with white blinds. The carpeted floor, mirrors the shade of the curtains and brings warmth and comfort to the room. It’s a plush playground for play and relaxation, providing a soft landing for little feet and a cozy setting for activities.

Image of boy's bedroom by Onnalush Interiors

One side of the room unveils a captivating mural featuring an array of animals. This mural isn’t just art; it’s an educational journey into the animal kingdom. It excites curiosity, inviting young adventurers to embark on a journey of discovery.

Animal wall mural in boy's bedroom by Onnalush Interiors

In addition to the expansive floor-to-ceiling storage thoughtfully designed for toys, OnnaLush Interiors went the extra mile by providing dedicated storage for the young boy’s footwear.

Shelving for footwear in boy's bedroom by Onnalush Interiors

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