7 reasons why we love this vintage and eccentric home

I saw this home tour on apartment therapy and immediately fell in love. Its a two bedroom apartment belonging to couple, Rachael (of Taffeta and Cedar blog) and Brian located in West town, Chicago. Having undergone some updates over the years, their apartment has a modern, natural and vintage look. I love the openness of the space and the amount of natural light that floods the space. It looks bright and happy in there! Looking through the pictures, here are some features in their home that we really love;

1. The Clothes hanger

Having a clothes hanger in your living space, not even your bedroom helps keep clutter away. Rather than the usual dropping of scarves, jackets and handbags on the table, chairs or the floor, you can neatly hang them. Plus, they could add volume and beauty to a blank wall. Find one you love, that really appeals to your sense of style.

2. Green Green Green

Natural plants are always a great accent in a space; Not only do they soften a space with their color and texture, they also improve the air quality of the room. They didn’t limit this to only this window, but splashed them around their home. A healthy home indeed, no surprise why we love it!





3. Cutlery Hanger,

I love the odd placement of the cutlery hanger. Usually they are somewhere in front of the cabinets and at the upper sections, but this is on the side, and on the lower cabinet sections. Plus, having it out there in the open gives the idea of a busy kitchen.
Tip; Every surface/space is a storage waiting to happen.


4. Floating cabinet and fabric decor

We love the clean lines and timeless look of the ikea cabinet and the added texture of the hanging fabric. The two work perfectly together to fill up the wall.


5. The Bicycle storage

Having the bicycle storage up there, which we think is just plain awesome does two things; It clears up space on the floor level, while it creates a dramatic focal point. What could have been a regular hallway, has been turned into a wow space.



6. The Bathroom

The colour of this bathroom is so uplifting. Its bright, beautiful and therapeutic.


 Can you see the paper holder? Eccentric and cool.

7. The Decoration

They hung some rustic windows from their ceiling and on the wall at different places in their home as decorations. Who says it has to be a painting or an artwork to be artistic. Some of the most of artistic things are the most quirky.





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