GROWTH, with its origami-based geometry, transforms and grows with the plant, as the plant itself unfolds over time.

Gone are those days when plants were limited to the outside of a building. Now plants have found their way to our interiors to not only make the space healthy by improving the air quality and removing toxins, but they’ve also become one of the Interior designer’s favourite items. They are excellent for décor  and they add a welcomed contrast and highlight to a space. Here are four simple ways you can introduce them to your space;


~ Hanging planters ~

Hanging planters present you with the opportunity to have your plants anywhere you want, and away from your little kids. Once you are able to create a hook from your ceiling, or a good distance from the wall, you can hang your planters. They are very stylish, exotic and look like natural green chandeliers.
Hanging planters from the Hedge collection, by Cora Neil.
A beautiful hanging minimalist planter as seen on Martha and Tom.
Vintage and homely hanging planters as seen on This is my future house.
Above is a collection of different planters hung in a kitchen. They look beautiful and soothing in their natural colours against the clean white backdrop. Seen on Morganours.
 Sculpted planter hanging from twine as seen on Winifred Andre.


~ Planters on Stands ~

You can place your planter on a beautiful stand that is sure to add to the character of your space. The options are endless, from traditional wooden stools, quirky stands and modern looking sculpted metal.
Traditional and quirky looking planters and stands create an interesting and engaging corner in your space. They are fun to look at. Seen on Anthrolpologie.
Planters on  vintage, but modern looking stand with a lot of character. Seen on Dayglow. It also looks like an ironing board. Right?
Terracotta planters in a geometric and dynamic stand, as seen on Our gathered Home. A combination of traditional and modern.
Rattan flower pot on a wooden stool as seen on Apartment Therapy. A traditional and natural mix.
 Planters in a modern minimalist tripod stand as seen on Ferm living.
Narcissus vases by new craft
The Narcissus vases designed by New Craft. These are just fine! Seen on Dezeen


~ Wall Mount ~

The amazing part of wall mounted planters for me  is that feeling I get when I see plants on the wall looking like a work of art – they are just awesome!
Not only are the planters functioning to make the space healthier, they also function as awesome décor items and fill up or compliment a wall nicely.
Wall mounted planters. See more from the Hedge planter collection.
Wall mounted planters as seen on Westelm.
 A modern looking wall mounted planter unit as see on Remodelista.
 Wall mounted wooden box planter as seen on indoor-gardening tips.
Glass jar wall mounted units as seen on
 Wall mounted ceramic planters as seen on unruly-things.


~ Vases and Flower Pots ~

The options with vases are endless. You can play around with transparent glass vases, Wall paper finished vases, rustic looking vases to contemporary brass metallic finished vases like the ones below, or your own DIY vases, amongst others. I also love that they can be placed on any surface; on a table, a kitchen surface, in an open cupboard/ shelving, and so on. They offer you flexibility and stability too, and if you get the ones that are adaptable to hanging, especially those that you can removable twines that allow you re-attach them when you decide to have them hung.
Brass vases by Paolo Dell’elce as seen on Dezeen.

 Flower pots created from the age old tradition of metal spinning by Swedish designers Claesson Koivisto Rune, Monica Förster and Folkform and skultuna. Seen on Dezeen.
Flower pots with built in saucer designed by Uli budde.
Seen on Dezeen.
Flower eruption vases by Jón Björnsson, created using volcanic sand.
An absolute stunner!
 Book planter by Japanese design studio, YOY. Seen on Design Boom.

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