4 Inexpensive and Stylish Wall Ideas that will Transform your Spaces

It’s the start of a new month and the ending of the first quarter of the year, what better time to freshen up your space than now; especially if you’ve been considering it since the year began.

If it didn’t happen at the beginning of the year, it can still happen now. We can’t obviously change everything about our space, except everything is the problem and we have the money to do so. But we can most certainly work on problem areas – and one of those happen to be our walls. It’s either the walls are old and dirty from use and need repainting, or peeling and need some real fixing, or they are just bland and boring and you desire a spanking new look :-D. Whatever the case, something needs to be done about them and today we’ve shared some fantastic wall ideas that would guarantee that and create lots of good vibes in your space. Have a look

Mirrored wall.

Having a full-height mirror is great, but what about a full wall mirror. If you have a problematic wall, maybe one that suffers from damp, a mirrored wall is something to consider.  After trying to fix the damp wall to the best of your ability, you can cover the wall with a mirror. It saves you the cost of re-screeding (if that’s what you had before), painting, or wall-papering. Installation is also not messy and can be done in one day. If you move to a new place you can have your mirror removed and be reused as multiple full-height mirrors or smaller mirrors and even as a full wall mirror if you’d like that again.

Aside from covering your walls in a sophisticated way, mirrors also create an illusion of a bigger space. They also make a room brighter as they reflect the light they receive. Incase you’re wondering what a mirrored wall looks like, here’s one done Blue Mahogany at the last Guide Exhibition.

Blue Mahogany’s mirrored wall at the 2016 Guide exhibition. Image Credit: Livin Spaces.


Work with sections. Break the continuity of the mirror if it’s over a large space. If the mirror in one section breaks it doesn’t affect the other section, unlike a full continuous mirror that covers a larger area. Plus, it’s also safer for kids. Sections keep cracks contained in them. The smaller the section, the safer the remaining parts of the mirror. You can have large sections as shown above, but you risk loosing a good amount of your mirror if a crack sets in.

Gallery Wall.

Who doesn’t love a gallery wall? It’s one of those features that keeps people engaged when they enter a space. And depending on how personal you get, they could tell a very engaging story. Gallery walls are perfect when you have an empty boring wall in your house and you want to transform it in a less invasive manner. Work your way to the top. Don’t go buying plenty frames to stick up pictures. Do it gradually, or you you’ll most likely end up with something that looks monotonous and rushed.

Image credit: Target. Get more gallery wall inspiration here.


Make it a collection. Let the pictures and the frames tell a story. You can start with 2 pictures and gradually fill the wall over time as you collect more frames. As for the picture frames, have fun with them. Don’t be mechanical. Explore!

Newspaper wall.

This particular wall is inspired by my husband and Blue Mahogany. We had a problem wall in our house and my husband suggested we used newspaper to cover it like a mosaic, but I wasn’t sure how it’ll look. Then we went to Guide and saw a live newspaper wall done in Blue Mahogany’s stand, and it looked really cool. And matched with the mirrored wall, it looked even cooler 😀 . The entire combination was fantastic and according to Blue Mahogany, it didn’t break the bank. How can it anyway? Its old newspaper and mirrors!

This wall idea is not only a sustainable approach to covering up your wall, it also looks edgy. You can reuse some old newspaper in your house or get them for free from people who have them.

Blue Mahohogany’s Newspaper wall at the Guide 2016 exhibition. Image credit: Livin Spaces
A newspaper wall combined with a solid white panelled wall. Image credit: Hgtv.


Use newspapers that are in good condition and use them over walls that look dirty and need to be painted. So when you have to remove them, you already know it’s a painting work that comes after. Avoid using them on a clean well painted wall, you’ll mess up the wall if and when you need to take them off.

Fabric Wall.

These are perfect for covering boring walls, as well as old looking walls. They are also good for covering large areas just like wall papers. But unlike wall papers, they cost less, of course, depending on your choice of fabric.  A fabric wall gives you a variety of options, options as wide as the variety of fabrics that exist. You can choose from your existing fabrics, or buy some of your choice that suites you. Aside from being kind of affordable depending on the source and type of your fabric, fabric walls add an interesting texture that softens up a space.

Fabric walls create beautiful accent walls in which you can decide to have a nice gallery wall on or open cabinets with some décor items. They are beautiful backdrops that can exist on their own or with other décor friends.

A pretty fabric wall DIY as seen on Apartment Therapy.
Another fabric wall DIY using Chevron fabric by Chic California. Superb isn’t it?


To save on your fabric wall, choose from your existing fabrics or buy the fabrics that would give you the look you want but aren’t too pricy. Just like wall papers, cut your fabrics in sections to use. If you are going to use them on walls that are peeling, ensure you scrape the walls to create a smooth surface. If cash is on your side, you can attach the fabrics on quarter inch plywood cut in sections and attach the plywood to the wall. You can easily remove this if you are changing your location and reuse in your new space.

We hope you found this insightful. Which of these walls are your favourite or which will you be trying. If you’ve done any of these, you can send your hi-res image of a good view of your project and we’ll add it to this post if you would like. We’ll certainly acknowledge you, If you would like to send in an article like this, send a mail to projects@livinspaces.net.

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