Explore This Warm 2-in-1 Neutral Living Room Project By OliveHaus Interiors

  • Designer: OliveHaus Interiors
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

The success of an interior design is not only measured by aesthetics but also by how efficiently the space is used. In this neutral living room design, OliveHaus Interiors was presented with a big open space with a unique shape and found a way to justifiably create a main living room and a secondary seating area.

What sets this design apart is the intentional contrast between the two seating clusters – a nuanced play of light and dark tones. The main seating area, featuring a bold combination of dark grey, dark-grained wood, and black, exudes a sense of cozy elegance. In stark contrast, the secondary seating arrangement takes on a lighter aesthetic, characterized by soft creams, off-whites, and gentle, light-grained wood. This strategic use of color and materials creates a visually compelling hierarchy, defining distinct zones within the living space and elevating the overall design aesthetic.

Neutral Living Room With A Secondary Seating Area

The different zones within this space were furnished according to function. The main seating area was furnished with informal sectional sofas to encourage intimacy, all centered around the television. It contains one corner sofa set and one L-shaped sofa by the window. At the center of this arrangement, OliveHaus positioned a square dark-grained wooden coffee table above a grand off-white area rug.

Neutral Living Room With A Secondary Seating Area
Main seating area
Neutral Living Room With A Secondary Seating Area
View from secondary seating area in neutral living room by olivehaus

The secondary seating, on the other hand, is more formal and spaced out. It contains a three-seater and a single-seater with an upholstered hybrid coffee table. Opposite this layout is a console positioned by the main entrance, blending in with the hues of the wall behind it. To add an innovative touch to the space, OliveHaus fit in a built-in storage with inner lights in the secondary seating and by the entrance, for the display of decor and storage.

Built-in storage by 3-seater in Neutral Living Room With A Secondary Seating Area
Console setup in Neutral Living Room With A Secondary Seating Area
Neutral Living Room With A Secondary Seating Area

The space contains an array of distinctive elements to contribute to the character and elegance of the neutral living room. They include: the big highlighted painting in the secondary seating area, the black side tables used in both seating layouts, the grand black Roman numeral clock in the main seating area, the table lamp in the console setup, and the chandelier above the secondary seating area.

With even and balanced lighting and black accents, OliveHaus successfully created a cozy neutral living room with functional seating layouts and innovative storage solutions.

Neutral Living Room With A Secondary Seating Area

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