12 Creative Railing Designs for Modern spaces

The advent of new technology in the construction industry over the last decade has made possible for designers and professionals to explore previously uncharted territory with regards to complexity.

CNC machining and laser cutting technology have become more accessible today, making it easy to fabricate intricate patterns which would otherwise prove tasking for builders. This new technology is widely used in creating interior screens and partitions as well as elements for exterior facades.

Another notable application would be railings for staircases. A variety of shapes, forms materials are beginning to replace the repetitive balusters that one would typically find on a given staircase. Here are 12 examples of creative railing designs using this new technology. Images courtesy Architecture & Design.

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  1. My wife and I are looking at upgrading the staircase railing in our living room. I appreciate that this post mentioned that it is important for us to consider the material. I will definitely look into discussing the material and design over with my wife to ensure we choose something that is suitable and goes well with our interior decor.

  2. I appreciate you mentioning how laser cutting technology makes it simple to create elaborate designs that would otherwise be difficult for builders to create. I recently moved into a new home, where I intend to have designated railings. To assist me in installing the rails, I will speak with a specialist in exterior railings.

  3. I appreciate your mentioning that other materials and shapes are starting to replace the monotonous balusters that one would traditionally find on a staircase. I wish to remodel the current house because I am moving into a new one. I’ll get stainless steel railings for my home.

  4. I love that this post highlighted that when looking for stair railing designs, it is best that we consider something that is modern. It makes sense as in doing so, it helps to ensure that we choose something that complements our home. Maybe I can look at some inspirations to choose the right designs.

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