10 Design Ideas for Upholstered Bar Stools and Bar Chairs featured in Restaurant Interiors from around the world

Originally featured on Bar Furniture, this is an eclectic selection of 10 inspiring, upholstered bar chairs and stools from a cross section of restaurants around the world.

Materials and shapes in the bar chair choice help to reflect the desired mood within the restaurant. This selection features a diverse array of designs that blend wit and whimsy with moodiness and drama, enhanceing the spaces within which they are placed and referencing everything from fashion to cinema, and culture.

Take a look.

Green modern bar chairs from Amazónio Restaurant in Spain

Upholstered bar stools at the Bar Margot, in the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta 

Upholstered bar stools at Colette Grand Café, Toronto.

The Deliciosa bar stool by Koket features Iridescent lux croc fabric

Kelly is a mid-century modern upholstered bar chair by Ottiu

Nanook Bar Chair with Golden Nailhead Trim by Brabbu

Minimalist Navy Blue Upholstered Bar Chair

Pinstripe Counter Bar Stools at The Optimist Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Atlanta

Colourful Bar Stools at the Remedy Bar in Colorado

Earth-toned leather Bar Chairs at Urban Coterie in London

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