This Remarkable Wine Cellar in Cape Town Features 200 Recycled Virgin Cork Boards

  • Designer: MR. Thinking & Making
  • Production: Wiid Designs
  • Photography: Warren Heath & Kerryn Fischer
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Wiid Design recently shared one of their latest project: a secret wine cellar nestled in Cape Town, enveloped by over 200 recycled cork boards, each meticulously hand-chopped and carved to create a distinctive texture.

WIID Design was commissioned to install the cork of a secret wine cellar designed by South African Interior Design Studio, MR. Thinking and Making. Their expert team ensured seamless installation, showcasing their skill and dedication to craftsmanship. According to Wiid on their Instagram page,

Our team was on-site for days to ensure a perfect seam less result, chopping by hand and working off the cork using techniques we have developed over a period of 10 years. The end result is truly magnificent – it’s a subterranean / underground and mysterious feeling. Here one can experience the true properties of this unique material where sound is absorbed, temperature is reduced and contained and the smell of virgin cork fills the air – perfect for a secret wine cellar!

Wiid Design, Instagram.

The visually stimulating, textured cork board wall and its geometric cylindrical perforations housing the wine bottles, paired with the subtle scent of virgin cork, create a welcoming depth of sophistication. Such that, what could have been a simple wine cellar is elevated to one that is considered memorable. A nod to how material choice can completely transform a space.

Cork Wine Cellar in Cape Town By Wiid Designs featuring both a perforated and a blank cork wall.

Watch the behind the scenes footage showing how the virgin cork boards were skillfully carved and finished by their team,

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