Hareide Design

The Rodeo Chair by Hareide Design aims to improve spinal health with active sitting


The Rodeo chair is a perfect example of a form that also has a function with a clear beneficial value. It is designed to stimulate movement and good health as well as the physique of both adults and children. The person sitting is in constant motion, and therefore strengthens the core muscles.

University of Stavanger performed studies in 2015 and in 2016, showing a significant improvement in spinal strength of one sitting on a Rodeo chair, compared with a regular chair.

The Rodeo chair translates the properties of the typical therapy ball to a distinct and beautiful sitting object. Made of specially treated natural plywood, it is possible to achieve the spherical shape essential to the function of the chair.

It is available for €670 (about $780 USD) and comes in black, walnut, brown oak, light oak, and “book” finish.

You can find out more about the Rodeo Chair here.


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