Let’s talk about a timeless side table that offers both beauty and functionality in the simplest of ways. I think effortless is the word for that. With no dramatic cuts and shape, the Vitsoe’s beauty is in its well defined lines and gentle impressions, and the magic is in its functionality. Originally designed by Dietar Rams in 1962 with the 620 chair program, it was last produced in the 1980’s. Its design makes it adaptable to function in a number of arrangements and positions; in its predefined side-table state, overturned on one of its sides, stacked with the smaller size to form a side table and shelving storage.
Here the Side table is arranged with the smaller one underneath, and it forms a side table and a shelving storage. Of course, that’s if you have the two sizes.
The Vitsoe side table placed on one of its sides, creating a new look and functionality.
“Choreograph your tables as you wish”- Vitsoe
The 621 table in its predefined state. It also works as a coffee table.
The Vitsoe table working as a multiple.

Source; Vitsoe. Buy here

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