The ‘Made in Nigeria’ Kofe Club Collection by Nifemi Marcus Bello

The Kofe Club collection is a collection of minimalist chairs designed by Nigerian product and industrial designer Nifemi Marcus Bello.

In the wake of the state of the Nigerian economy and the need to buy Nigerian to grow the Naira, for retailers that import products because of the high quality associated with their brand, this has been a major challenge. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of Nigerian product designers making products of an international standard, and with locally sourced materials. One of such would be this Kofe collection.

The collection resulted from a series or re-interpretations of the original chair designed for the Kofe Coffee club in Lagos. The chairs are made from locally sourced wood and steel from the Bariga saw mill and manufactured in Yaba, Lagos using manufacturing techniques such as wood turning, bending and welding.  One of the other key features of the chairs, and impressively so, is the fact that they are flat-packable, making them easy to ship as a product.

kofe-club-nifemi_08marcus-bello kofe-club-nifemi_02marcus-bello

kofe-club-nifemi_03marcus-bello kofe-club-nifemi_14marcus-bellokofe-club-nifemi_09marcus-bello


You can learn more about this product via his official website and also read this interview with him by Omenka where he offers more insight into his work.

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