The Candy Collection; A Close Look at the Latest Lamp Collection from Caxton Alile Living

Lagos-based lifestyle brand focusing on made-in-Nigeria lighting fixtures and home products, Caxton Alile Living, recently launched their most recent lighting collection, the “Candy Collection”. 

The collection was first featured at the Guide 2016 exhibition where Caxton Alile Living partnered with sister brand CCinteriors Studio, and Doshlaps to create a beautiful booth experience. The combo-booth went along to win best ambience at the exhibition.

The Candy Collection features a good selection of table lamps and wall sconce-shades designed to leave you with more that one favourite(s). The collection comprises of four lamp types; the Ombre-Pop kids table lamps, the Wafer table lamps, the Biscuit lamps and the Wall Sconce-shades.  The variety of the collection is tied together by the use of similar shapes including circles, cylinders, rectangles and cones of different sizes, combined to create a selection of lamps that are modern, homely and timeless.

Caxton alile living candy collection 2016 lamp collection
Ombre pop kids lampshade with Aso-Oke shade.

All the lamp types in the collection are customisable. The lampshades are made using beautifully textured fabrics including the Yoruba Aso-Oke and Adire fabric and are available in options ranging from baba dudu(black), Nigerian apple, mint sorbet, raspberry sorbet, and grey slate. The base of the lamps are made from solid wood including Teak and Iroko wood.

The Ombre-pop kids table lamps,

The Ombre-Pop kids table lamps have a solid wood base painted with some beautiful colouring to create a charming gradient effect. The names on the lamps are customisable to your needs. Not only are they perfect for kids bedrooms, but they’ll fly easily as perfect gifts.

caxton alile living candy collection 2016 lamp collection made in nigeria ombre pop kids lamp livin spaces
Ombre-pop kids table lamp: Another variation of the Ombre-pop kids lampshade with pink gradient coloured Iroko base (N19.500).
Ombre-Pop kids table lamp: Rectangular Ombre-pop kids table lamp (N19500).
Ombre-pop kids table lamp: Two variations of the Ombre-pop kids table lamps with theri beautifully coloured bases with copper detail.

The Wafer table lamps,

One of the things we love about the 14″ wide Wafer table lamp is it’s characteristic swirled wooden base which features a subtle copper detail.  The copper highlight runs across the bottom of the swirled part of the base, seperating it from the bottom of the base. The bottom part of the base comes finished as baba dudu(black) or solid white. The Wafer table lamps are stylish and beautiful accents in any space and offer a modern twist to the traditional table lamps.

caxton alile candy collection 2016 made in nigeria waffer lamp shade
Wafer table lamps: “14” BabaDudu waffer lampshade with babadudu wood swirl base with copper detail seperating the upper part of the base from the lower part (N29,900).
Wafer table lamps: Two other variations of the Wafer table lamps (N29.900).
caxton alile living candy collection 2016 lamp collection made in nigeria ombre pop kids lamp livin spaces 3
Wafer table lamps: Wafer table lamp with Mint sorbet lampshade used on a side table (N29,900).

The Biscuit Table Lamp,

If you love simple straight lines, the biscuit lamps are there to cater to your needs. Like the other lamps in the collection, the lampshade also comes in Baba dudu, Mint Sorbet, Nigerian Apple and Grey Slate. While the base comes in a combo-option of solid teak wood with baba dudu(black) or solid white finish.

The Biscuit table Lamps: Retangular Lamp Shade with a solid wood base, baba dudu cap (N29,900).

The Wall Sconce-shades,

In this category are, the Idowu Cane sconce-shades, the Alaba wall sconce-shades and the Taiwo and Kehinde wall sconce-shades. The lamp shades are made with similar materials like the Wafer and Ombre-Pop kids lamp, while the base are metallic with a copper finish. There is also a variation of the Aso-Oke lampshades that comes with fringe details. The “Idowu Cane” are a single sconce-shade, while the Taiwo and Kehinde are a combination of two “Idowu Canes”. The Alaba wall sconce-shades have a half shade with a shorter base.

caxton alile living candy collection 2016 made in nigeria lamp collection alaba and idowu cane sconceshade
The Wall Sconce-shades: Half-shade “Alaba” wall sconceshade (N15,900) and Aso-Oke “Idowu cane” wall sconceshade with fringe details(N25.900).
The Wall Sconce-shade: Aso Oke variation of the Idowu Cane wall sconceshade without fringe details (N22,900) and the Aso-Oke Alaba wall sconce-shade with fringe details (N19,900).
The Wall Sconce-shade: Taiwo and Kehinde wall sconce-shade with mint sorbet lampshade (N25,900).
The Wall Sconce-shade:  Aso-Oke Taiwo and Kehinde wall sconceshade with fringe details (N30,900).
The Wall Sconce-shade: Another variation of the Taiwo and Kehinde wall sconceshade (N25,900).
caxton alile living candy collection 2016 lamp base
The Wall Sconce-shade: Copper finished base with lamp holders. (left and right): single wall sconce lamp base, (bottom): Taiwo and Kehinde lamp base.

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