The Amakisi Furniture Collection by Taeillo

Taeillo, a Home-Fashion Brand that specializes in the design, manufacturing and sales modern African furniture, recently shared with us images of their Amakisi Furniture collection.

The collection is an expression of Taeillo’s goal to rebrand Nigerian Arts and culture through design. They seek to make local and indigenous culture part of our homes and spaces using design as a tool to enhance the appeal of said culture to the modern day Nigerian.

The use of local fabric and materials (Aso Oke and Ankara) in the collection reinforces Taeillo’s belief the Yoruba adage which says “Ile la tin keshorode”, meaning Charity Begins At Home.


It is believed, in Yoruba culture that “Eledumare placed Amakisi in the East whence he shines the morning light on earth”(an excerpt from UCLA’s “African Arts”), this forms the origin of ‘Amakisi’ as another word for sun in Yoruba language.

This is where the collection draws inspiration, citing Amakisi as the bringer of hope for a culture lost, forgotten and abandoned. The collection features distinct furniture pieces, that center around creative, colourful, soft seating.


Seat:Available in Linen,Indigo Dye(Adire),Dutch Wax (Ankara),Aso Oke,Animal Leather


Fabric:Available in Linen,Indigo Dye(Adire),Dutch Wax (Ankara),Aso Oke,Animal Leather


Seat:Available in Linen,Indigo Dye(Adire),Dutch Wax (Ankara),Aso Oke,Animal Leather

Frame:Natural Finish – Teak Wood,Lacquered Wood(yellow,Blue,White)


Seat:Available in Linen,Indigo Dye(Adire),Dutch Wax (Ankara),Aso Oke,Animal Leather

About Tǽilló

Taeillo is a Lagos based home-fashion brand founded by Jumoke Dada, a graduate of Architecture from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Design. She has worked in top Architectural and interior design and Furniture manufacturing companies in Nigeria.
Lifestyle Design is the quintessence of her philosophy combining Traditional culture with contemporary African design in Furniture Fashion and Home accessories.
She believes there is a need to improve on traditional forms and materials and apply them in the modern context creating a new cultural concept term “Modern Africa” in which Africans can still maintain their identity living in the modern era despite the conflict in identity and culture and can still be proud of who they are.
She is currently travelling around Nigeria and Africa to view culture, values and identity from different perspectives and to discover new ways which the younger generation of the continent can appreciate what had and is still in existence and harness them to create a new modern African living.
She also thinks Nigerian artists should engage themselves in Nigerian art and strive to master the new media introduced by Europeans with which to express African ideas. She passes down her ideas through stories, using proverbs as a medium of communication as showcased in her works.

A cross section of her work

The central theme of her ideas is based on culture, identity, morals in the society, issues relating to feminism, the society is a reflection of the home and how the home influences the society.
She has also participated in design competitions and design workshops, and is a member of Young African leadership institute with a YALI Certificate on Entrepreneurship skills.
She has designed furniture and home pieces and her pieces are available for purchase through her brand and stockists

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