The ADDO Collection by Ideus seeks to make office design more impactful for businesses.

There is a tendency for office environments to feel cold and sterile. Cubicles and generic furniture make most modern day office. The ADDO Collection by Nigerian furniture manufacturer, Ideus, seeks to change that narrative, and make design have more of an impact in today’s office spaces.


In designing the ADDO collection, we incorporated office solutions for spaces that support concentration, collaboration, creativity, and community. As a home brand, we understand how people live in their homes and how personal and impactful an environment can be. As the boundaries of work and home morph into more of a “lifestyle,” IDEUS Workspace offers a unique solution.

Smart, adaptable design that encourages creativity, communication, teamwork, and productivity. We infuse a balance of excitement and calm that both energizes and puts people at ease, enabling them to do their best work.

The ADDO Combo Cabinet

The ADDO combo cabinet allows you streamline and de-clutter your space stylishly and with ease. It has adequate storage space and smooth running drawers with pull out stops.

The ADDO Desk

The ADDO Desk features 3 drawer storage, dark oak, reclaimed wood-look, hollow-core desk. With a beautiful metal frame that supports the broad surface workstation.

The ADDO side stool

Contemporary design with straight, clean lines. Made from wood and metal.

The ADDO media unit

From open to closed storage you can hide or display your gadgets and also create more space for comfort while you sit back and relax with TV break.

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