The 15.77 Lamp Collection by Aleksej Iskos for ODESD2 Design Bureau

ODESD2 recently shared with us images of their ‘15.77’ lamp collection, comprising 3 sizes of steel ceiling lamps designed by Aleksej Iskos.

They describe the lamps as “…reminiscent of a polygonal pyramid from the school geometry classes or the simple shape which is usually used in art studios.” The 52 year old, industrial designer worked with the idea of the interplay between light and geometrical shape, creating 15.77 degree angles between the polygons, hence the peculiar name for the collection.

The model illuminates the space and divides it into several zones. It can be placed above a table in a restaurant or above a conference table to create a cosy island in a spacious shadowy room.

You can combine several 15.77 lamps or place them in a row according to the needs of each particular space. The lamp is made of 0.8-millimeter metal sheet. It is strong enough to keep the shape and at the same time quite light, the weight of the biggest lamp being 13 kilograms. The diameters of the lamps are 100, 80 and 50 centimetres. The fixation is cut from the same metal sheet.

The 15.77 lamps over a dining area arrayed with ODESD2’s Q5 chair

For Aleksej Iskos the collection of 15.77 lamps is the first experience of collaboration with design bureau ODESD2.

“I decided to create a commercial object. It is based on the technologies which are widely used by manufacturers in Ukraine. It is not so difficult to replicate it. A ceiling lamp in different sizes is a demanded object on the market,”.


Aleksej Iskos moved from Kharkiv to Copenhagen more than 25 years ago.

He graduated from Danish Design School there; together with his colleague Boris Berlin he founded the design studio Iskos – Berlin and became a successful industrial designer.

The studio has worked with such companies as Normann Copenhagen, Muuto, Hay and others.


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