A Sleek Concealed Coffee Station: Discover It’s Hidden Charm

Meyer and Associates Architects designed a concealed coffee station that exemplifies the blend of quality craftsmanship and innovative design in residential architectural projects.

Featuring a floor-to-ceiling cabinetry system with curved edges, the warm-colored, grained wood finish exudes timeless charm and sophistication. Crafted with precision by kitchen design and furniture manufacturing company, Gassner Kitchens, the cabinetry seamlessly integrates into its environment with a flush and sleek appearance.

Concealed, modern Coffee Station by Meyer & Associates.

Inside, the coffee station offers a balanced combination of functionality and visual appeal. Equipped with a wine chiller and a coffee machine, it caters to various needs. Open shelves provide space for displaying wine bottles, mugs and glasses, adding a touch of elegance to the area.

Concealed, modern coffee Station with coffee machine, sink and wine chiller.

Attention to detail is evident throughout, with a rustic blue tiled backsplash sourced from Kalki Ceramics adding a subtle yet distinctive accent. Completing the ensemble is an under-mounted sink with a mixer, ensuring convenience without sacrificing style.

Photographed by South African photographer, Paris Brummer, this concealed coffee station showcases thoughtful design and meticulous execution creating an inviting space where form and function co-exist seamlessly.

Concealed coffee station with all compartments open.

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