This Sculptural Chaise Lounge By Conrad Hicks Fuses Craftsmanship and Mysticism

Created in 2019 as part of Conrad Hicks‘ “Implement” collection, this sculptural chaise lounge uniquely named “the Firebird Chaise”, stands out for its unique blend of materials and meticulous construction. Measuring 2370x810x830mm, it is meticulously crafted from copper and steel, showcasing Hicks’ dedication to traditional techniques.

South African blacksmith, Conrad Hicks sculpted this sculptural chaise lounge based on his belief that structure is integral to the symbolic significance of the furniture. Thus, infusing it with a sense of purpose and meaning.

Sculptural Chaise Lounge- The firebird Chaise by Conrad Hicks

Beyond its interesting rippled metal surface, this unique chaise lounge carries a sense of mysticism, inviting viewers to contemplate the deeper connections between form, function, and the human experience.

Conrad’s commitment to materiality is interwoven with a deep mysticism. A student of human evolution and anthropology, he draws a correlation between his process and what drove the earliest tool-makers throughout our ancestors’ history.

More than three years after its launch, the Firebird Chaise remains a sought-after piece, available for purchase at the esteemed Southern Guild Gallery. Its enduring relevance lies in its timeless design and Hicks’ refusal to compromise on quality.

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