This intriguing new approach to the design of one of everyday’s life most common products is something that should interest you, oh! and by the way its called “HANGTIGHT”.

As described by the guys behind the design ” The HANGtight hanger allows for more seamless application to any shirt, jumper or blouse without the potential of ruining the neck hole”.
The image(s) below tell the whole story…

Ideal for T-shirts, blouses and jackets

Perfect for collared shirts

One may ask, ‘what about trousers?”, but in fairness to them, it is called a “coat hanger” after all. Regardless, its still very ingenious, contemporary and refreshing and i, for one, would buy a tonne of these.

This innovative twist to the hanger is currently a project on kickstarter, so if you feel compelled you can support them and help make this vision more of a reality. You could also like them on facebook and get updates on their progress.

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