Product Of The Day – Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0 by Amọ Design Studio

Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0 (Saddle Seat), a contemporary furniture series designed by Ifedoyin Shotunde’s Amọ Design Studio, draws its inspiration from the familiar form of a bicycle saddle. It’s an updated model of the original design made in 2019.

Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0 is a functional work of art that seamlessly combines form and function. Despite its decorative appearance, its design prioritizes user comfort. The graceful connection between the legs and the seat adds to its sculptural charm.

Front view of Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0

One notable feature of the upgrade of this contemporary furniture is the backrest. It extends to the ground and not only enhances stability but also adds to its visual appeal. Its sculptural allure is amplified by the seamless connection between the flanking hind legs and the seat itself.

View of Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0
Back View of Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0
Side View of Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0
View of Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0

Seat Kẹkẹ 2.0 is Amọ Studio’s first flagship product. This contemporary furniture embodies their mission to create unique items that spark curiosity. Furthermore, it aims to establish a close bond between users and everyday objects, blending comfort and convenience to improve the user experience.

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