Pocket Panel Planter by OA Lab

Having a garden in your home or some sort of plant decoration is not limited to just a yard. You can take the garden indoors or you can take it up a wall. In this case, OA Lab took it up the wall with the Pocket Panel.

They created the panels after they observed that most buildings were designed with no plans made for including plants. The Pocket Panels are made of fiberglass-reinforced concrete for increased strength and durability. Plant seedlings are placed in the pockets which have a small opening at the bottom for drainage, and as the plants grow, they transform a once blank wall to a lively and vibrant facade.

So, in case you found yourself in a space without a place for plants on the outside, you can have some panels on the wall and start your vertical garden. The panels are designed in  modules which allow for easy and flexible arrangements. You can have it cover an entire wall or a part of the wall or use it to create a wall pattern based on your preferences.

oa lab 2 oa lab pocket panel 1 oa lab pocket panel 2 oa lab pocket panel 3 oa lab pocket panel 4 oa lab pocket panel 5 oa lab pocket panel 6 oa lab pocket panel 7 oa lab pocket panel 8 oa lab pocket panel 9 oa lab pocket panel 10

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