Orri Acoustic Arm Chair by Noppi

Noppi is a Parisian “furniture publishing house” creating products to “soothe feelings of crowding and noise pollution in interior spaces”. Their focus is on what they describe as “modular intimacy”.

To this end and with this ethos in mind, they have created Orri. The result of a collaboration between a designer, an engineer, an acoustician, ergonomists and craftsmen, Orri is a unique, wooden structure, swivel armchair, which features cushions and a flexible cover with special acoustic attributes that folds and unfolds.

When unfolded, the chair creates a protective cocoon of sorts that protects the user from prying eyes and noise. Orri offers significant sound reduction, up to -6 dB measured in situ, while offering an open field of vision.

Designed for hybrid and dynamic spaces such as lounge or reception areas. Feel like sharing? it welcomes you for a social moment. Feel like having time off? it shelters you from your surroundings.

“At Noppi, we are convinced that well-being lies in a balance, specific to each person, between social interactions and time for oneself.Moments of intimacy where others step aside so that we can concentrate, relax or rest. Moments of profound significance. »

Alexandre Guyenne co-founder of Noppi
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