Samira – An Artsy Nightstand By Ade Edewor, Inspired By The Dynamics Of Human Relationships

Ade Edewor, the creative director of S.EA Consulting and founder of 3OS Official Lifestyle, recently unveiled an interesting product – the Samira Nightstand. He collaborated with artists to transform their creations into practical, daily-use products.

Drawing inspiration from the profound aspects of human relationships, Ade delved into the depths of his creative soul and conceptualized the Samira Nightstand as the “Shadow of a Perfect Union.” This thought-provoking design encapsulates the essence of a perfect couple, navigating the challenges of a relationship, embracing the uncertainties of starting a family, and aspiring to live happily ever after.

Samira - An Artsy Nightstand By Ade Edewor

The nightstand is an 80cm x 45cm x 60cm cuboid-shaped, bedside table with two drawers with a faceless figure painting done across them.

Ade’s journey into creating the Samira Nightstand not only marks a departure from conventional design practices but also heralds a new era where art and functionality seamlessly converge. Stay tuned as the full catalog reveals the diverse variations of the product, offering a unique blend of fearless artistic expression and thoughtful design for S.EA homes.

An Artsy Nightstand By S.EA Homes used in a bedroom

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