The Muko Chair by Nifermi Marcus Bello

The Muko Chair designed by Nifemi Marcus Bello is the flagship piece of the Muko series- a collection of furniture designed especially for today’s children.

The form and flexibility of the chair may remind one of the mass produced plastic chairs that currently fill the markets, but, this offering showcases more quality of thought and material, being lightweight and curvilinear with a small storage nook that is sure to have children intrigued. Here’s a description from the designer,

Designed for kids aged two to seven in mind, the chair comes in various sizes, with all dimensions for various age groups, take into consideration anthropometric data gained from publications by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory, Cornell University. With no sharp edges, its light weight nature and durability allows the children to lift and move the furniture by themselves with mo safety hazard. The chair is also designed to act as storage for the books and other small items.

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