Stadium-shaped Mirror By Mwinda on wall

Product Of The Day – Minimalist Pill-Shaped Mirror By Mwinda Features A Circular Base

Mwinda, a Rwandan interior decorator, has introduced a minimalist pill-shaped mirror to their collection, characterized by a circular wooden and brass base grip. Measuring 95cm x 40cm, this mirror stands out for its understated design and functional qualities.

The mirror’s design revolves around simplicity and practicality. The pill shape, with its clean lines and unadorned edges, contributes to a minimalist aesthetic. The mirror is supported by a circular base grip made from a combination of wood and brass, adding a touch of sophistication without compromising the overall simplicity of the design.

Minimalist Mirror By Mwinda on coffee brown fabric
Pill-shaped mirror by Mwinda.

With dimensions of 95cm x 40cm, this pill mirror is tailored to provide a functional reflection surface without imposing on the surrounding space. The size is conducive to versatility, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into various interior settings, whether residential or commercial.

The mirror’s primary function is to provide a reflective surface, and its design aligns with this purpose. The stadium shape offers a broad and clear reflection, catering to practical needs while avoiding unnecessary embellishments. The circular wooden and brass base grip gave the mirror character, texture and more authenticity. It ensures stability and adds a subtle element of design interest.

Minimalist pill Mirror By Mwinda on wall
Minimalist pill Mirror By Mwinda on coffee brown fabric

With its circular wooden and brass base, the pill-shaped mirror represents a design style that emphasizes functionality and simplicity. Its neutral tones and unassuming structure make it a versatile accessory for various interior settings.

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