Meet Boomerang- a Space Saving Bed that Cleverly Integrates a Table and Storage

How many of your greatest ideas come at night? How often do you take breakfast in bed? How about some movie time before sleep? How romantic to work while looking at your partner in crime sleeping? Portugal based Teixeira Design Studio asked a lot of these questions that led to the design of a very minimal yet functional bed which finds it’s most unique feature on an integrated table that comes and goes, hence the name – Boomerang.

The adjustable table can adopt several roles just by changing its placement, whether to become a regular desk that seamlessly slides into a bed tray, or a TV stand that easily makes your breakfast in bed a charm. The upholstered headboard enhances comfort while seated in bed to work or eat. The curved lines help to add value and sophistication, and in some angles really gives the idea of a floating bed which is cool.

The prospect for hidden storage was discarded to avoid a saturated and heavy design. Instead, an open area at the bottom to work as a shoe rack or perhaps a cozy place for your pet. Multifunctional furniture really is key not only to help save space in smaller areas but mainly to help you get going through the day with ease.

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