Lean Green Modular Machine: Multiplo by Hey Team (conceptual furniture)

Furniture in these parts is usually mundane and the typical, expected geometry, so coming across this was quite refreshing. Though still a concept, Multiplo, designed by HeyTeam, is an intriguing approach to furniture design.

The idea provides a dynamic structure that can fold, flip and convert to whatever type of furniture you might need, optimally suited for a small space. As described by the designers, “Multiplo can be your bed, table, sitting room and much more…”. The design is stylish, functional and superbly adaptable to whatever space you place it in. When it comes to relocating or moving to a new place, Multiplo would be easy to handle, just fold it in and away you go.
Modular Multiplo Furniture For All Size Spaces (1)

Modular Multiplo Furniture For All Size Spaces (2)

images courtesy HeyTeam and TreeHugger

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