Jewelry For the Home: Cozo Decorative Lights

Enchanted with geometry, a group of San Francisco based artistes turn laser-cut metal sheets into beautiful lights and actual jewelry.

Referred to as COZO, the polygonally-shaped lighting fixtures are made of trendy thin metal sheets cut with patterns and decorative weaving designs. When lit up, these patterns reflect on the walls around the light, bringing a whole new decorative dimension to your rooms.

Here’s how they describe themselves,

COZO is inspired by the intersection of science, technology, art and design. COZO takes a passion for geometry and expands it into thought provoking lighting and design pieces for the home with the desire to bring geometric art into the hearts of people all over the world. This symbiosis of art and design allows for each element to thrive together while feeding one another with energy and inspiration.

The idea starte as a large scale art installation known as HYBYCOZO and since its debut in the summer of 2014 has spawned the COZO brand. Check out the HYBYCOZO website to learn more about this art project.

Available in table and pendant variants, COZO lights are powered by 7 and 25-watt incandescent light bulbs that strengthen the golden brass warmth of each and every piece.

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